Don't Spend Another Valentine's Day Alone
Find True Love and Discover Yourself in the Process
Join Bari Lyman For 
Your Date with DESTINY! 
February 14th at 8pmEST
  •  Get your most important dating questions answered.
  •  Learn what to ask before going on a first date.
  •  How to be successful on dating sites
  •  ...and so MUCH more!! 
Get your questions answered live and know that this Valentine’s Day will be the start of a new you to meet your perfect match!
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3 Secrets You Will Learn From This Event:
Secret #1: Discovering Your Blindspots 
Do you know what keeps tripping you up when it comes to love? Discover what is holding you back from finding true love. 

Secret #2: 
Develop a Clear Vision 
Discover your vision for how you want to feel in your relationship. Learn how to ask for and get what you truly need.
Secret #3: 
Shifting Your 
Shifting your mindset to experience the thrill of knowing “The One” you’ve been waiting for is actually out there.
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