Meet To Marry™ Presents:
The 3 Essentials To Overcoming Your True Love Barrier 
Stop Attracting The Wrong People - Start Successfully Dating In 90 Days 
The Meet to Marry Method™ is a comprehensive, step-by-step process in two phases 
that takes you from where you are now — single and frustrated — 
to the excitement and delight of meeting and marrying your perfect match.

Monday, April 9th

5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern
Webinar Starts In...
Do you feel like you’re stuck single?   

Like your dating life is just so frustrating, 
and you’re caught in a maddening pattern of go-nowhere relationships?  

Bari Lyman

Founder and Creator of the revolutionary Meet to Marry Method™

What You're Going To Learn:
  • The #1 secret “detox” strategy that clears your path and releases hidden obstacles in your way… to quickly close the gap between the love life you have now and the one you want to have…
  • How to create your clear vision for how YOU want to feel in your relationship (so you’ll attract someone who has your best interests at heart and who will make you feel safe and taken care of)
  • How to shift your mindset to BELIEVE it can happen for YOU (and experience the thrill of knowing “The One” you’ve been waiting for is actually out there so you will recognize him when you see him)!
We are limiting the number of registrants to 1,000. This type of training fills up quickly due to the high quality information being shared and the fact it is FREE. In order to make sure you secure a spot, do not wait till the last second to register.
"Just 3 months after meeting, we got married."
"The biggest breakthrough I got was getting clear on my emotional needs and how I wanted to feel in a relationship. I realized that I need—and deserve—to be cherished, loved, listened to, admired, and respected."  

"These changes ultimately made room for me to be open and clear when I met the man who is now my husband. I felt appreciated and cherished right from the start.
"Just 3 months after meeting, we got married."
"I wouldn’t have met such a great man and been able to enjoy such great love if I didn’t give myself the gift of working with you. Your tough love, no-nonsense, and very clear minded approach were invaluable and get me focused on my goal. Thank you!!!!"
                                     -Marisa, NYC
About Bari Lyman
I’m Bari Lyman—founder and creator of the Meet to Marry Method™.
My mission is to make it possible for you to find your best friend--your perfect match.
Over the past 15 years, the Meet To Marry Method™ has helped thousands of single men and women—of all ages and backgrounds — identify what is going wrong with their dating life and relationship experiences. 

I want you to know that finding healthy, lifetime love is not only possible. . .it can also be an incredibly fun adventure!

I understand how frustrated you might be feeling right now. I’ve been there.  

It’s so frustrating to find yourself smart, successful, single. . . and stuck! 

You may have tried everything—dating sites, introductions, singles events, therapy, matchmakers, makeovers, and more— and you're still single.

The 3 Essentials To Overcoming Your True Love Barrier 
Stop Attracting The Wrong People - Successful Dating In 90 Days 
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