Learn The 5 Shifts Our Smart, Driven, Professional Clients Used to Attract Healthy, Lasting Love
(WITHOUT Settling, Compromising or Lowering Their Standards)
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  • The step-by-step principled game plan that successful, smart, “get it done” women are implementing in their love lives to finally discover a real partner who sees them.
  • Why “working on yourself” hasn't brought you the love of your life and what you need to be focusing instead in order recognize and have a real connection with the right person.
  • How to trade random, low quality dates who waste your precious time for an actual PLAN that will empower you to take control of your dating and welcome in amazing, commitment-oriented men.
  • ​How to open your heart and believe it’s possible for you to be celebrated and receive real love after years of focusing on your career and helping others.
  • ​How to avoid repeating frustrating relationship patterns that have hurt you in the past (like dating narcissists) so that you can open your heart without fear of disappointment and actually recognize the right person as soon as they show up.
  • ​​How to navigate the ever-changing landscape of online and offline dating so that you actually know how to date effectively and find the one.
Today's Masterclass is presented by…

Bari Lyman, Creator of the 
MEET TO MARRY™ Method and
 The School of Healthy Love & Intimacy. 

Bari’s method has helped thousands of smart, successful, driven women to break out of go no-where dating patterns to finally discover the love of their lives.

Deeply Grateful
"I now have an incredible partner after many years of going-nowhere dating. It's hard for me to imagine that this could have happened without Meet to Marry. Each step of the way, I was buoyed by the combination of 1) Bari's remarkable confidence in my ability to work through barriers to love, and 2) the wisely structured nature of the course. I feel extraordinarily grateful for the transformative exercises and coaching calls, not to mention the concrete advice on how to date in an effective way.
Most importantly, Bari's loving guidance supported me as I reconnected with joy, so that I could meet a human being who loves me for me and with whom I can be truly vulnerable.
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